Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh My!

While hunting for treasure in my backyard this summer. I came across some old chairs that were a mess. They were falling apart, paint was faded, the dogs had dug holes right in the middle of the cushions! They didn't look like they had much hope. I was thinking about ripping out the seats and turning them into planters when a friend (thanks Jayne) said they were too nice and to re-do them. I was skeptical. Look at what I had to work with:

The metal frames seemed intact so I took on the challenge. Afterall I still had and was using the matching table on my patio. I live in the Southwest and wanted something festive and colorful. Digging thru my craft room I found this old fabric that I had once used in my office at work as curtains. It is a cotton denim type fabric and I'm hoping tough enough to give me several more years of use. Here's the end result:

Amazing what a little paint, fabric, foam and a staple gun will do huh?

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