Sunday, November 6, 2011

Silver Mining

Yup folks I've struck silver. Yeah right? If only! But I have discovered that even flatware can be fun. We've been remodeling our kitchen and I wanted to do something sorta shabby and chic. While surfing the internet I found some kitchen hooks that I just loved made out of silverware and would be the perfect way to hang all my old cast iron pots. So I set about going thru the yard and collecting up all the tools I'd need to hammer and bend and break and twist and drill. Found a vise, an anvil, lots of hammers, a grinder, a drill press and and old metal table. My former sanctuary became a work shop of sorts. As a result I've turned common everyday old silverware into key fobs, pendants, kitchen hooks, and even a new kitchen chandy. Whatdaya think?

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