Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vertical Gardening Prettified

I recently watched a great video on YouTube about vertical gardening or bottle gardening where this guy strung together a bunch of plastic soda bottles in front of his window, sorta like curtains, and grew veggies out of them. For apartment living on the umpteenth floor, I'm sure that works great.

Then one day I happened to find myself in a local thrift store. I saw this cd rack in the shape of a lizard and thought now that's cool but what would I do with it.

Before I even finished that thought, it hit me....vertical gardening. So I drug it home, replaced the missing screws, painted it, added some doodads for eyes and set about building the garden part of the equations.

I started collecting vegetable oil bottles which just happen to fit perfectly inside the body of the lizard. I froze them, drilled them, screwed them all together, filled them with soil and installed the line of bottles I had created. The result is a great little system and I love the recycling of not only plastic bottles but of water. The top most bottle is filled with water. Water drips slowly down through the other three, which are planted into, and what isn't used collects in the bottom bottle which I can pull off and pour back into the top bottle. So far it's working out really great. The plants love it.

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